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Hello Everyone , I want say thank you for visiting my website. I am planing to update this page with great products for Owners .

Owners looking for products will benefit your pixel frog’s life or well being.  I am here to help you find tools or products which they could be the best on the market today .

Also, i try help every one looking for what they looking for . 

If you looking for a home !!!  here are some aquarium tanks and Terrariums :

                                                                  Aquarium Tank

Aquarium Tank 20 gallon



Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium


Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium




 Allglass Terrarium




Glass Terrarium

Glass Terrarium 



terrarium for pixie frog's owners


Terrarium for extra space  



75 gallon tank


SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

Aquarium 50 gallon 


240 gallon tank for Pixie frog

Giant Aquarium 240 Gallon 


Giant tank for african bullfrogs


Giant 300 Gallon Tank !!!




When you are owner of a African Bullfrog,you need a house for your buddy . It is important to find a terrarium . These guys need at least a 20 gallon tank or bigger tank  .

You need to clean their terrarium every two or four weeks. I will update more products and try find the best terrariums. i will find products for owners .Thank you for visiting africanbullfrogproducts.com .  


I look for more Products today. Here are more items you could be interested in for you African Bullfrog !!!


Pixie frog tank cleaner

Here is a new product i found online called Glass wipes . These wipes helps clean your tank or terrariums. Go check it out !!!! 


Cleaner for pixie frog tank

Water Conditioner for tanks or terrariums. If you need something clean your pixie frog’s terrarium. Here is a link >>>


deoderizes terrarium

This product helps a person clean their tank and can help do deep clean in the terrarium    . Check it out !!!!   


great cleaner for pixie frog set up tank


Another cleaner for tanks !!! It cleans bacterial infections and safe to use .

This product cut down on bacteria. low in price !!! here is a link : >>>


Stands for tanks or terrariums :

stand for tank

This is a stand for tanks up to 29 gallons . Here is a link >>> 


Stands for African bullfrog

This stand holds 55 gallons and has doors. Read more >>>


stand for terrarium

This stand does’t have any reviews but it looks likes a good stand >>> link


stand for pixie frog


A tank stand for 55 gallons 


Stand for giant frog

Link here for stand >>> read more


Pixie frog tank setup

This stand can hold up to 29 to 32 gallon tanks  !!!  >>> Read more


Stand for giant African Bullfrog

Stand holds a 75 to 90 gallon Aquariums